Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Starting to Think About Vegas A Little More

I played online for the first time in a few weeks last night. I played 1 $26 45 man sng on Full Tilt. I finished 2nd after missing an open ended draw heads up and outchipped. I then did a few things around the house and took a shower and brought my laptop to the back and started looking around a few sites to see what events were going on when Jerrard and I are in Vegas in June. It really kinda started to excite me I must say as I have not made it out there in 2 years or so. The Venetian has there dates and structures posted for the Deepstack event. The WSOP naturally has there things up, and Binions has the schedule up as well. This all led me to start wondering about the tourneys that Full Tilt is running for the WSOP. I decided to check it out and low and behold that had a $215 one w/ 2 seats guaranteed for a 2k WSOP event.

I stewed around a bit and decided to play it. This would start a rollercoaster of events that would last about 3.5 hours. It was a great structure for the 34 players that signed up. I saw my chipstack go from 3k(starting stack) up to 5400 and down to 1400 and back to 4k b/f the end of the 2nd level. This is where the craziness started. While sitting on 4800 in chips and the blinds at 100/200 I got smoked for almost my entire stack. At the end of this hand I was left with a paltry 241 chips and on the button. I decided to wait for either a decent hand or my big blind to stick it in with and go then go to sleep. Well it turned out I'd wait until my BB. In my BB utg opens for 600 and all fold to me and I stick the remaining 41 in there w/ 10c3c and I am ahead of utg's 67dd until the flop comes: jd7h8c....the turn is the 8d and the river is the Js and my 10 kicker doubles me up to 582....I win the next 3 or 4 hands I play and all of a sudden I feel like I am on a free roll for this seat. I struggle for 24 players all the way to 9 being either the short stack or 2nd shortest stack until 8 handed I double thru QJ w/ AK on a KJ8 board and the very next hand the same guy doubles me up when I have AA. This takes me to 4th in chips with 8 to go and I am starting to think there is now way this is gonna happen. Well after I busted the last 4 players to win the 2k seat I realized that the improbable comeback had happen, assuring that I play in atleast 1 WSOP event in June when we go. I had planned on playing mainly Venetian events, but I must say I am excited to take a shot a what will likely be a 3000 person field.

It looks like the only 2k event will be the day before we leave to come home. It is a 3 day event so hopefully I will be switching my flight at the last minute to stay a few more days. I don't think it would be to hard to convince Jerrard to stay an extra day or week depending on how things go!

I read a few blogs this morning. I find myself wondering how many bullets Gene fired out of his gun yesterday and if any of them connected with anything. I also read how monkey found out the structures about the New Orleans event....I must say I am now kinda excited about it as I was not even planning on going as bad as they have been lately over there. It is really pathetic when I rather drive an extra hour and 15 minutes to go to the Beau b/c Harrahs just sucks that bad!

I did play the $550 at the Beau this past Saturday to no avail. I ran semi deep and busted 28th with 18 being paid. I lost the last 4 or 5 meaningful pots that I played. Always next time I suppose. The cash game that Reid and I played in Friday night had me feeling and looking like a zombie for the first 6 hours of the tournament. I was so drained by the time I busted I went to my room for an hour or so and tried to get myself up to go to the cash tables like 4 times, but never could get going. I ended up sleeping until the morning and then coming home.

Well that's all for now. Good luck to all playing in the Main Event starting today. I hope someone worthwhile takes it down. I am hoping to wander to Shortys tonight. I'll let you know if I do.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time to Dust off the Keyboard

I know it has been a hell of a long time since I have posted anything, but to be quite honest I don't think many people have lost any sleep over it. My problem is this, I really hate reading blogs where it goes like this: I flopped top pair and bet the flop and a guy raised and I decided to just "smooth" it here and I wanted to check raise on the turn ..................yada yada yada you get the point. I have always hated reading those and actually just skip over them now, and I refuse to write one of those blogs because I will annoy myself. I actually started to write a blog about a month ago and attempted to save it and that obviously didn't work and I was not about to type it again. I also do not want to be one of those guys that blogs only when they are winning and you don't here from them when they lose. That has not been the case here; well not entirely as I have gotten my teeth kicked in in live action but I have more than made up for it online so for in 2009.

I started my poker playing online w/ the $55 70k tournament the night of the Sugar Bowl where I bested 1785 people to finish 3rd after taking a few disgusting beats as we played 4 handed for almost an hour. I followed that up w/ a 4th place finish in a $55 1 rebuy/1 add on tournament about a week later and finished 4th out of around 400 players. I had a few other insignificant cashes and then finished 11th at the end of the month in the $162 100k nightly on stars. I think all told for the month of January I actually played less than 15 tournaments online so needless to say it was a very nice month. I read "the honest players" blog (still having trouble with that) and he said something about playing distraction free. I believe there obviously is a lot to that as that has been my biggest challenge playing online. It is hard to register for a tournament when you are not sure if you have 5-7 hours to commit to it. In the past I have just signed up and played it like a wild child to get some chips, and if I did I would settle in and play and if not I would go deal with whatever else was going on. This is stupid and I am very proud of myself for fixing that major problem.

Live play has been the exact opposite in '09 so far. I have played four sessions and they have been a total disaster. The first 3 sessions were completely my fault as I played horribly and I know that I did. I am sure ya'll know those situations where you know you are doing something stupid but you do it anyway. That was me about 8 different times in a 4 hour session for 3 sessions.
The 4th session was at the shit hole in Amelia where Pobody Nerfect works (how you walk in that place everyday boggles my mind). W/out going into pointless hands about the night b/c it is boring (see opening paragraph for reason why) I can sum it up by saying it was just one of those nights where you get $500 in the pot preflop w/ AA vs. KK and the K comes in the window! It happens to all of us from time to time and you just have to except it. I am not gonna become one of these players that tries to out think the situation and say " what if I just call and see a flop and if a K comes and I think the guy has kings I can get away from the hand." I believe that is bullshit and if you do that you will lose way more in the long run than you will save in losing that occasional hand. If I know I can get my chips in as a 4-5 to 1 favorite then that is what I am gonna do. There is a time when I would have been more cautious, but the more I see people that have a clue play this game, the more I want to take advantage of the edges when they are in my favor.

What else is going on?
Honest player and I are making another adventure to Vegas in June. It is absurd how cheap trips are right now. If any of you are interested in coming give me a holla and we can fill you in on the details and dates. My wife has been kind enough to let me away with a then 1.5 year old running ramped throughout the house! I know a lot of wives that are not that giving w/ no children in the picture. I am sure glad I scooped her up young b/f she knew any better.

I had the privilege of playing online w/ Goondingy last night. I got word from a reliable source that he has been grinding at the micro tables on Full Tilt. I decided to look him up and sit on his left to give him a little shit. I chatted w/ him for a while messing w/ him and I know he was getting pissed b/c he had no idea who I was. It was fun, and the best of all I got to stack him (for $.97 mind you) when he raised pot and I decided not to believe him and repot it w/ the almighty k6 off suit. He came back over the top of my raise and at that point how am I gonna fold for 37 cents really? He had JJ and I ofcourse spiked a king on the turn. One of Ray's buddies was also in the hand and I drug a pretty decent little pot. It was fun although hectic as I was trying to talk shit at the same time I was heads up in a 6max sng at the same time. I really don't know how you people play 8 and however many table ya'll play. I can't do it.

To touch on the Honest Players blog, I have been trying to convince him to play online for like 3 years and I don't think it was me that convinced him as much as he has just realized how damn convenient it is. I don't care the reason, but I am glad he is b/c I think it will help my game just as much. Reid and I have been chatting back and forth as he is logging quite a few hours online and it always helps to critique each other and see other peoples point of view. That is how we became better players by sharing concepts and ideas and letting each other know what we thought, right or wrong. That is probably come off sounding like an ass when I do make comments from time to time. If we are being critical of each others play I don't believe it helps to sugarcoat things when we think someone misplayed a hand or whatever. I am a big boy I can take criticism so I expect other too also. If I am ever to harsh just let me know and I will try to be kinder and more gentle in my opinions b/c I know they aren't always right.

That is all for now. I am hoping to return to live action tomorrow night. Hopefully things turn around in that arena.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Harrah's Tournaments Suck!

So I had not played poker in a while as this would seem obvious from my lack of post. I did go play the Main Event at the IP a few weeks back (the one Reid final tabled), but to be honest I played so poorly that I didn't feel like reliving it on this little blog. I will some it up by saying that it was by far the poorest I have played in years and to be honest I was ashamed and embarrassed by my play as Reid was at my table the entire time and had to witness it. Enough of that though.

I was excited to get back to it finally so I rode up Sunday and decided to give the mega a shot. It was a rather cheap tourney w/ an ok structure and the reward was 1k chips for the tourneys. W/out going into a bunch of detail w/ 23 or 24 players remaining and 18 full chips being given away and 20 placed total getting paid I knew I needed to win 1 more pot and I would be in. Knowing that was the easy part. Actually winning the hand would prove to be not so easy. Sparing all the details the player utg ships his stack in the middle. He was short and I knew he would move w/ any connector, Ace , or face card for that matter. It folded to me and I thought this would be my shot as I was holding A10dd. The big blind would have to have a monster(more on that later) to call my shove as he barely had me covered and it would be his tourney if he lost the hand. I shove and the big blind decided to call also. I felt sick and just knew I was smoked. Everyone reveals there hands and I almost ashamed and upset turnover my A10dd and the bb proudly turns over K9off followed by the K10 off of the utg raiser! Could I possibly win this. HELL NO. The flop comes K high and then the part that pissed me off was the 9 on the turn to give the moron in the BB the whole damn pot. Oh well that is poker as they say. Who is they by the way? One tourney, One close call. Always tomorrow right.

So I go sit in a 1/2 for 300 and play for a few hours and recoup my loss from the satellite and another 220 for the next day's tourney. I then had to drive home so that I could wake up at the crack of dawn to bring my daughter to the babysitter. I accomplish all of this w/out getting much sleep b/c I am excited about Jason "Juice" Lipscomb and his new and improved tourney structures. Bahahahaaa what a joke that turned out to be!

So I get the baby to the babysitter bright and early and to my office to make sure I didn't have anything going on. What a shock, a pretty light day! Tex and I head to New Orleans and get registered for the tourney and grab a bite to eat at Mothers. We go to Ruttley's room from the previous day to relax and eat b/f the tourney starts.

Tex and I both fell asleep after eating and I woke up at 12:15 and headed to the tourney. I got there just in time to play QJ suited on my first hand turn a straight and lose a 1/3 of my stack to a guy's flush. I suppose I should have slept a few more minutes huh?

I eventually get my chips back by picking a few spots here and there. My table breaks and I move to a table w/ a mix of active players and absolute morons. This is about the time when GCP's newest blogger the Juice starts to show off his new and improved "Lets see how fast we can get this tourney over " Structure. After completing the 50/100 level we go to 100/200 which is normal. The only catch was that they introduce the ante right away! Everyone at my table(that had a clue about poker) was kind of upset, but we figured hey no big deal if they skip a level at least they gave us 3k in chips(sarcasm). So we next move to 150/300 w/ a 50 ante. Again I was pleased as this would be a logical jump after the 100/200 level.

But what happened from here on out was an absolute joke. At this point I believe there was about 95 players left out of 185 or so. The next jump was from 150/300 to 300/600 75 ante!
Did someone just decide to take out 200/400? We play this level and I figure we have to go to 4/800 next right? Boy am I a moron. How about 500/1000 w/ a 100 ante. By this point the avg chip stack is around 6000 or so and it is costing us 2500 to see one orbit of hands! That is by far the most absurd thing I have ever seen.
After this level, we go to 800/1600 200ante and just start to mow the field down. Why this is a 2 day tourney is beyond me, as it is 4:15 and there are only 35 players left out of 185 or so. Yes for those keeping track we lost 2/3's of the field in about a level and a half. The tables were breaking so fast that we had to play 7 handed most of the time b/c the 8 floor people couldn't collect the seat cards fast enough. This is the level I busted in w/ about 30 or 32 players left. I busted in a shitty hand where I raised the button from the small blind b/c I thought he was weak. I held 55 and wouldn't you know the BB is holding aces and has me covered. The guy making the move has Q6cc and is committed, as they say, so he calls and loses more chips.

When I got knocked out there were 30 players left give or take a couple and the blinds were 800/1600 w/ a 200 ante. That is 4200 a round and the avg chips stack is 10500 or 6 BB's as Gene would say. This is terrible as far as I am concerned. What is the goal of this? Do they want to end this thing as soon as possible or do they actually want people to play and enjoy themselves? The fact that someone thinks this is an improvement boggles my mind more than anything. In a time when all casinos are increasing starting stacks and improving structures and increasing the length of them you would think that Harrah's would jump on board. But instead GCP's newest addition THE JUICE takes out a black marker and decides to start having levels vanish. I really would like to know why. The structure for the main event is awesome and I really don't see what the problem would be w/ using that structure for all the events and just changing starting stacks and the time of the levels. Juice if you read this could you please answer this for me? Another point that is stupid it that the level for the mega satellites are the same blind levels and starting stacks, but they have a better structure. The 200/400 and 400/800 levels are still in those tourneys. Maybe I just don't get it, but I would really like for someone to attempt to make me understand it. Any takers out there?
Til next time,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally Some Poker & Sesame Street

So I finally played poker, but I wish I hadn't. I'll get to that in a bit.

Sunday, I had the priveledge of bringing my wife and daughter to the New Orleans arena. Were the Hornets playing? Nope. Sesame Street and Elmo were in town & my wife just new that my 10 month old daughter would love to see it. I am still not convinced whether or not that was an excuse b/c she wanted to see it or not. Anyway it was fun watching her reaction when we could actually get her to pay attention. She seemed more entertained by watching and laughing at the people behind us. Other than watching her laugh and enjoy the show, I would have obviously rather have been watching the Saints play the Chargers. If I could not do that I would rather have been shoving pencils in my eyes than having to watch Big Bird run around a fucking stage!

So I read Monkey's latest blog and I have to say that I think it is pretty shitty that they have not let him back in yet. Not only have they not let him back in but it does not seem like that will happen anytime soon. It is hard for me to have much of an opinion on the matter b/c I do not know him or the people that are pulling the strings at the Beau. I will say this though. The little that I do know about him, I think it is obvious that people either like him or really hate him. I have not talked to him or played with him enough to have an opinion. I can tell you that I can easily see how people do not like him. I have played in a few tourneys w/ him at the same table, been in the vacinity of him at various times in different poker rooms and even talked to him when he was checking into his hotel in Tunica and this much I know. Every single one of those times he has been either arguing w/ someone or giving someone shit about something. I am not saying that this makes him a bad person or that I would not like him if I got to know him. God knows I am a smart ass that fucks w/ everyone. Then there is this, In the last two years at 2 different casinos in the last 2 years(before any of this latest shit went down) I just happened to be around the floor staff of the casino I was at(once Harrahs & once the Beau) and Will walked in. At the time I had no idea who he was, I just recognized him as a guy I had seen around a few times. I had never talked to him or played with him at the time these two things happened. Each time the conversation was identical from the floor staff. One of them was saying how much shit he started and the other was saying how it was only a matter of time before he did something stupid enough or harsh enough to where they could kick him out of the poker room. Whether it be forever or for a specific period of time I have no idea and don't really care. My opinion is this:
Do I think Will is a cheater at poker or anything else for that matter? No I don't. He is brutally honest in his blog about everything. A lot more so than most people are.
I think is personality brings these situations on a lot more for him than for others just b/c he is so confrontational and rubs so many the wrong way. Again, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with it. It just seems to me that shit happens to him that just doesn't happen to other people. I mean the guy got accused of hacking peoples accounts online, duped out of sending someone money in another country, and got a lifetime ban from an entire list of casino properties! That is like getting struck by lightning 3 times. That kind of shit just doesn't happen to people, does it? Does he just have the worse luck in the history of life? It seems so.
I actually think that Jonny Grooms or someone was looking for a reason to stick it to him and they finally got there chance. Do I think it is just and deserved? Hell no. I hope that he gets it worked out soon. I just hope that if he does he keeps himself a little more under the radar for his ownsake. Good luck Will.

So I said that I finally played poker and wish I hadn't. I made it over to Shorty's last Wednesday and got into a game very quickly. The only way I could talk about this night would be to talk about shitty hand after hand. I believe that I had 5 or 6 sets flopped on me when I held an overpair and I doubled up shorter stacks. Once when I was fairly deep w/ KK against QQ on a Q high board. and Once w/ KK when QQ made broadway on the river. Oh well that shit happens all the time to everyone and I am not gonna bitch about it. It happens and you have to roll w/ it.
This is the hand that flusters me a bit though and I don't know if I should classify it as a bad beat or the right play w/ the wrong result. You be the judge. I thought I had played it pretty well.
This hand was a week ago so I will do my best to be accurate. I am down about 1300 on the night b/w the two tables I have been at and I am ready to gamble a bit more than normal.
I have ace/3 offsuit w/ the ace of clubs and I call a late position raise from truckdriver Alan(anyone that plays at shortys knows who I'm talking about). I believe he made it 25 or 30 and I call as does Mike O who had limped in from early position. I believe Mike is a decent player who will gamble but doesn't get out of line much. More importantly he knows that I don't get frisky all that often. We see the flop 3 handed and it is: AdKc2c. I flop top pair which I think may be good, but I want to see what develops and for the time being I want to control the size of the pot.

I check and Mike bets $40 and Alan calls the $40( I am thinkin at this point he has a bad ace or JJ QQ 1010. I thought about checkraising, but decided that I would call and then lead out on the turn(especially if it was a club b/c I knew Mike did not have the nut draw, but would lead w/ anyother one). The turn is the 10c and the flush is completed & I decide that I just made a flush! Or atleast I would treat is as such. There is roughly $195 in the pot and I was going after this one. I bet out $150 and Mike goes into the tank. I knew he could not call this bet from me w/out a monster. He folds and Alan calls after about 10 seconds. At this point I really thought he had a hand like AJ or A9 and I would have to fire on the river to get him to fold his hand if I didn't hit the club on the river. The river card is the Jd and I stick the rest of my stack in which was about $280. Alan calls and shows two red queens for the rivered straight! How the fuck does he make that call on the turn w/ the 2 overcards and the flush hitting. I know he is loose but I would not classify him as stupid. Now I am not sure. I thought I had played and thought the hand out pretty well. Thoughts? I guess not well enough. After the hand I was stuck somewhere in the neighborhood of 1600 or so and decided I needed a break. I wandered into the pits(big no no and lately I have been good about it, but that kind of set me off a bit) I managed to get all my money back and get off the bj table dead ass even. Then like a dumbfuck I go back to the poker room and lose another $400 and leave stuck that for the night. It still seemed like a win.

I will probably go to Shortys tommorow and I am leaning on going to the IP Sunday. If anyone wants to roll out w/ me give me a holla if you read this. Especially you Ray. We need to get together and bullshit a bit!

Take it easy

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Still No Poker

I have not had much to write about lately. I have not played a hand of live poker since leaving Tunica between Gustav and Ike. I am hoping to go to Shortys Wednesday to put in a session and get back in the swing of things.

All I have done lately is watch football and bet on football. I have been doing surprisingly well on that front, but I need to slow myself down or I will be in for a beating sooner or later. I went to the saints/49ers game last week, and will also be in the dome Monday night for the Vikings game. I am hoping to get out of the office early to take part in all of the pregame tailgating.

Maybe I'll write something about the game tommorow and hopefully I'll beable to play this week.
Till then lata.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Denver Sports Weekend Continued

When we left off we were talking about the Thursday Night CU game.
After the game we went to a sports bar for a few beers and a burger. We called it a night pretty early b/c it was gonna be a long weekend. We got up Friday morning and sort of did the tourist thing. We went check out Red Rock which is this pretty cool outdoor theatre that Dave Matthews Band and tons of other people perform at. It is right at the foot of the mountains and is a very nice place. Next, we had lunch in Golden, Co which is home to Coor Beer. The tour of the Brewery is suppose to be pretty cool. The fact that you get to drink free beer is pretty cool in my opinion, but the tour pretty much sucked. One cool thing about it is this. Anyone that lives there(and it is a college town) can go to the Pub at the brewery and have 3 free beers every single day. There were college kids that would go do homework or just play cards and get there beer. There is also a tap in the cafeteria so that employees can just grab a beer during lunch.
This is the funniest to me: They have a wellness center for employees to workout and run on treadmills. It contains another beer tap. You guessed it, jump on the treadmill for 20 minutes and cool off w/ a beer.
Friday night we went to the Rockies game. The first thing that struck me as odd was that you can and are encouraged to bring in any type of food or drink you would like to the game. There were families bringing in Subway and McDonald's to the stadium. This would never happen at the Superdome in New Orleans. The game was good. The Rockies won 3-2 and the D-backs had a chance in the 9th. We saw 2 interesting things. The first was a race in between innings where the guy running from left field to first base fell to the ground like he'd been shot by a sniper. He grabbed his hamstring and was limping off the field in a manner that was very entertaining. He walked right by the full length of the Rockies dugout. I figured a trainer would check on him at some point, but this never happened. In fact, the Rockies players were imitating the guys limp and recreating it as the guy walked by. It was kinda fucked up b/c you could see how much pain he was in. The next was a 60 year old woman fighting over a t-shirt that was thrown into the stands b/w innings. She was fighting in the isle next to up w/ a guy in his mid 30's. She was hanging over his shoulder and couldn't see who the person was. He kinda flung her over his shoulder and she flew down like 2 steps and smoked her head on a chair and then the concrete step. She was bleeding from the head and out of her ear! The emergency staff came to attend to her and carried her out on the stretcher. As she was leaving the guy that threw her down did give her the shirt as he felt like shit.

That is enough for now. Maybe I will post the rest of the trip this afternoon regarding the saints game. I may even touch on all this shit going on w/ Monkey and Jon Little. That is a very fucked up situation. You can find info on in at if you haven't seen about it yet.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Best Sports Trip to Date Part 1

So in my last entry, I talked about going on a dream sports weekend. It did not disappoint to say the least. It got kicked off in an exciting way that I didn't bargain for. This is the recap in the best way I know how.
I left the office around 9 am as I had to pack and get all my shit together b/f my 3:15 flight leaving from New Orleans. For those that don't know I live about 50 minutes from New Orleans. After getting work squared away and all my errands completed I headed to New Orleans to meet a friend for lunch. It just so happens that he was at Harrah's so I headed to the parking garage and made it into the casino at about 12:35. I go find him in the poker room and he is sitting next to another friend of mine who we will call Jeff, who apparently didn't feel well enough to go to work on this beautiful Thursday afternoon. We decide to eat the very average buffet and catch up a little. He was in town because he was forced to evacuate Houston due to Hurricane Ike. After lunch we walk back to the poker room and I get my parking validated and tell Jeff and Brad later. Now the fun begins.
My brilliant ass decides to play a hand or 5 of blackjack before halling ass to the airport. It is 2:05 when I stand at a blackjack table to play a few hands. I just couldn't walk in a not place some sort of wager. So I play approximately 7 hands of blackjack and win $200. I am now on my way w/ what I thought was plenty of time. Not exactly. I soon realize the $200 might not have been worth it as I get stuck in traffic on I-10 trying to get to the airport. I fly through the airport traffic and bribe the shuttle driver to not pick anyone else up and get me to my gate. She obliges and leaves people in the parking lot waiting and gets me to my gate in about 4 minutes. I rush through security and make it onto the plane about 5 minutes before the plane takes off. When I land in Denver I realize that my belt is still on the conveyor belt in New Orleans since I took it off going through the metal detector.
We land in Denver about 20 minutes early and my cousin's friend Mason and I are picked up by My cousin Matt. We leave the airport on our way Boulder to watch the Thursday Night ESPN Game b/w West Virginia and Colorado. I thought we would be late based on all the times I have gone to LSU games. Well this is totally different. We drove straight onto campus and parked very close to the field right in front of what I believe was a dorm.
We make it into the game w/ time to spare. We grab a drink and a dog and get to seats right after kickoff.
Now for those that know me know that I bet on football from time to time. I felt like I had to bet on the game. I settled on Colorado +2.5 and the under 56.5. The emphasis on Colorado it was a bigger bet than the under. Well Colorado came out of the gates like wild fire as they score 2 touchdowns w/in the first 4 minutes of the game. WV promptly answers w/ a score and the game is 14-7 w/ 8 minutes left in the 1st qtr. Loving the under right?
This is the point where both offenses forgot what the object of the game was and both just stopped doing what was working for them for no apparent reason. The scored stayed the same going into the 3rd qtr when WV tied the game on the opening possesion. The game was very exciting as it went to overtime and saw WV's go ahead fg attempt bang off the upright and allow Colorado to win the game w/ a field goal of there own. Colorado escapes w/ a 17-14 win, and I escape w/ about a $800 victory myself! Very nice start to the trip if I do say so myself.
We get back to Denver and grab a burger and a beer b/f going to Matt's to get some sleep for Friday and the Rockies game...........More on that to come